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టెట్ ప్రిలిమినరీ కీ విడుదల సెప్టెంబర్ 15వ తేదీన నిర్వహించిన టెట్ పేపర్-1 & 2 పరీక్ష ప్రిలిమినరీ కీ 20 సెప్టెంబర్ న విడుదల చేసారు. సెప్టెంబర్‌ 27న ఫలితాలు.

TS TET 2016 Paper I & II Syllabus Download PDF

TS TET 2016 Paper I & II Syllabus Download PDF

TS TET 2016 Syllabus download PDF copy for Paper-I & Paper-II examinations. Based on NCTE orders Telangana Govt. decided old syllabus & pattern for this Teachers Eligibility Test 2016. Telangana State is conducting TS TET 2016 for the first time after the formation of New state. DSC notification is to be released soon for the recruiting school teacher posts in TS. After 3years TET is going to be conducted. So there is high demand in students to participate in this exam as there is DSC notification releasing soon. TS TET 2016 Notification details are available here.

TS TET 2016 Paper-I Syllabus.

  1. The test items on Child Development & Pedagogy will focus on Educational Psychology of teaching and learning relevant to the primary level.
  2. How to choose language – I of TS-TET Paper-I: The following languages are offered under First Language in the Schools under the State Syllabus viz., Telugu, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and Gujarathi. A Candidate has to choose one of these 8 Languages under Language-I of TET, those candidates should have
    compulsorily studied that Language either as medium of study or as First Language at least up to Class X. The candidates who studied CBSE/ ICSE curriculum can choose the Language which they studied up to Class X.
  3. In respect of Telangana State Language II under TSTET shall be English for all candidates irrespective of medium of the school to which they intend to seek employment.
  4. The syllabi for Mathematics & Environmental Studies are designed on the basis of topics of Classes I to V. The difficulty standard as well as linkages of content/topics could be up to Secondary Stage (up to Class X) for testing. The test items in Mathematics and Environmental Studies will contain Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) not only on Content but also on Pedagogy. In Mathematics, 24 MCQs will be on Content and 6 MCQs on Pedagogy. Similarly, in Environmental Studies 24 MCQs will be on Content and 6 MCQs on Pedagogy.
  5. The syllabi for Language I & II shall be based on Proficiency in the Language, Elements of Language, Communication and Comprehension abilities (standard up to Class Xth level).
  6. In 30 MCQs under Language I & II, each shall include 6 questions on Pedagogy of a Language.
  7. The detailed syllabus for all subjects shall be designed by the SCERT and the same shall be issued along with Notification.

TS TET 2016 Medium Wise Paper-I & Paper-II Syllabus

Medium Wise Syllabus
Paper-1 Telugu Bengali Gujarati Hindi Kanada Marati Tamil Urdu
Paper-2 Telugu Sanskrit Hindi Kanada Marati Tamil Urdu

TS TET 2016 Paper-II Syllabus

  1. The test items on Child Development & Pedagogy will focus on Educational Psychology of teaching and learning relevant to the Elementary level.
  2. How to choose Language – I of TS-TET Paper-II: The following Languages are offered under First Language in Secondary schools under the State Syllabus viz., Telugu, Urdu, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and Sanskrit. A Candidate (other than Language Pandit candidate) has to choose one of these 7 Languages under Language I of TET, those candidates should have compulsorily studied that Language either as medium of study or First Language at least up to Class-X. The candidates who studied CBSE/ ICSE curriculum can choose the Language which they studied up to Class X. Language Pandit candidates have to choose the Language of their study in Pandit Training concerned under Language-I of TET Paper-II.
  3. The Language-II shall be English for all the candidates.
  4. For Paper II Mathematics & Science, questions will be as follows:-
    i. Mathematics – 30 MCQs (Content 24; Pedagogy 06)
    ii. Science – 30 MCQs (Content 24; Pedagogy 06)
    a) Content – Physical Science – 12 MCQs
    b) Content – Biological Science – 12 MCQs
    c) Science Pedagogy – 06 MCQs.
  5. For Paper II Social Studies, the syllabus will cover the sectors namely, History, Geography, Civics and Economics. Out of 60 marks, 48 will be on Content and the remaining 12 on Pedagogy.
  6. For Paper II, the syllabi for TET of Mathematics, Sciences & Social Studies are based on topics of Classes VI to VIII. The difficulty standard of questions as well as their linkages could be up to Senior Secondary Level (12th class).
  7. The syllabi for Language I & II shall be based on proficiency in the Language, Elements of Language, Communication and Comprehension abilities (standard up to Senior Secondary Level (12th Class).

Candidates who are going to attend TS TET can check tet previous question papers with answer keys & solutions here.

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  1. సర్ నేను అరుణా కులకర్ణి నేను తెలంగాణ కామారెడ్డి జిల్లా జుక్కల్ . న రెడవ తరగతి నుండి డిగ్రీ వరకు మహారాష్ట్ర లో పూర్తి చేసి నా ను బీఎడ్ ఒకటే NSR jambag hyderabad లో Marathi medium లో పూర్తి చేసినను అయితే నేను మరాఠీ టెట్ కు eligible అవుతా న ఇప్పుడు నా వయసు 41

  2. what is the new norms for the Diet-Cet and what is the eligibility
    how many years it is,want to know about academic structure of it,
    so please kindly provide the information that i above asked.

  3. Sir I have completed HPT but In TET syllabus social studies give 60marks and Hindi give 30 makes.but we want to ple give the marks social studies 30 marks and give the 60 marks for Hindi this is humble request sir but exam will conduct 22 may ple change the syllabus only ple sir ple

  4. Anitha
    sir i am anitha. nw i m dng pg in ou university. sir 16 nundi maku exams unay e time lo tet pedithe chadavadam kastam ipotundi sir plz malli postponed chesi july lo pettandi its my humble request…. chala mental tentions face cheyalsi vaathundi e time lo final exams kada sir plz try to understand all our pg students…

  5. tet anedi techer elgibility test kada b ed ki mundu elgibil test undi kada b ed score ki add cheste chalu inka e tet enduku

  6. పండిత ఉపాధ్యాయ ఉద్యోగానికి, ప్రస్తుత టెట్ పరీక్ష ఏమాత్రం సరైనది కాదు. ఇది అశాస్త్రీయం. పండిత పరీక్షలో భాష ప్రధానంగా టెట్ నిర్వహించాలి. కానీ, 150 మార్కులకు ప్రధాన విషయం(భాషలో) లో 30 మార్కులే ఉంటే అది శాస్త్రీయం ఎలా అవుతుంది. పండిత టెట్ లో భాషకు 60 మార్కులు తగ్గకుండా ఉండాలి

  7. Sir , syllabus total English lo undi .. so please provide total syllabus in Telugu ..expect English subject..

  8. Sir , syllabus total English lo undi .. so please provide total syllabus in Telugu ..expect English subject..

  9. Dear Sir,
    I competed my B.Ed in 2009,D.Ed in 2014.I wrote TET paper 1&2 in 2011.Can I use TET Paper 1 to appear in DSC 2016

  10. sir,I have applied for tet..my methods were mathematics and English.do I need to study bio also for the the exam..

  11. U can reffer school.. books ….first its better for better for preperation and modal papers refer …

  12. sir B.Ed lo nadi social and eng.social tho TET rasanu.qualified.now M.A(ENG) chesanu.so nenu malli TET( ENG) kuda rayala.adi qualify aithe ne DSC lo MA (ENG) LO chance untunda..sir

    1. sir iam BSC Biology MA Telugu chesina nenu DSC telugu rayali ante paper1&2 lo nenu edhi eligibile
      paper2 eligible ayethe a syllabus chadavali please tele

  13. Sir TET online lo application chesamu kani mistake ga bed 2years back completed kani pursuing option tick chesamu malli fresh ga apply cheyale cheppandi

  14. Sir nadi ap lo bed chesa migitha 1st to 9th adilabad lo chesa ,tharvathadi antha warangal dist ninu ts tet rayacha?alage wgl dist ki vasthada , adilabad ki vasthada plz cheppandi sir

    1. Meeru TS TET rayochhu… Alage Examination canter a district lo ayina pettukovachhu…. But meeru 4th to 9th Adilabad lo chadivaru kabatti… Mee negative place Adilabad vasthundi.. So DSC Adilabad lo rayalsi vasthundi… All the best….

  15. I completed by B.Ed in 2009 with social and English as methods and I am qualified Tet Paper -1&2 in 2012 know I completed my MA English in 2012 can I write in Dsc English now I should again write tet for SA English

  16. This is too much for oc candidates. We don’t know maths since 10 class. Why you added 30 marks. Ok why don’t you add 30 marks my own subject biology. We need 30 marks biology 15 maths 7 pjysics 7 chemistry. Otherwise remove 60 marks social for social paper make 30 maths 30 social. Think once again.

  17. gd evng sir 2014 tet syllabus lo environment syllabus epudu echina sylabus lo half topics same unayi a topics ni 2014 books prakaram chadavala telugu 2015 books prakaram chadavalani echaru meghatha subjects kuda 2015 or 2014 prakaram chadavala?

    1. You can read the topics which are mentioned in syllabus up to 10th class level. And 10th class topics are also covered in the syllabus

  18. Sir i completed bed with social & English methods in 2009 and i qualified aptet2014.now i completed MA English in 2015,I eligible for SA English or not. Please reply me sir..

  19. HAI SIR,

    Sir paper 1 syllabus T/M vaariki Telugu lo ivvandi…
    Why because T/M students ki confusion ga undi please…
    Syllabus artham kavatam ledu…. so
    Please syllabus Telugu lo ivvandi

  20. Sir TET paper 1 vaaru Text books upto 8th varaku chadavaala???
    Leka 5th varaku chadivite chaala cheppandi sir please…

  21. I’m basic English medium student, my subject is biology but here there were 30 marks for Telugu, to teach biology for English medium students there is need to write Telugu? I’m eligible to teach for English medium biology in that case what is need of Telugu?

    1. Actually TET exam is conducting to test the overall awareness i.e., the basic knowledge in telugu, english, psychology and in respective subjects, so u have to read all the subjects, eventhough you are from english medium and intended to teach in english medium.

  22. i was study 1st to 08th class at telangana.after study 9 th to bed at ap.tel me about i am eligble or not

  23. sir, nadi bed lo telugu method, MA Telugu kuda chesanu, e qualificationto DSC telugu pandit rayouchaa? Telugu pandit ki eligible aite TET ki paper 1 rayaalaa? leka paper 2 rayala? please reply me.

  24. Sir,i have completed my studies upto intet in telangana but presently i am studing ttc in kurnool.am i eligible to write tet n dse in telangana

    1. Meeru TET ekkadayina rasukovachhu…. Meeru TS TET Ki apply chesukovachhu… But D.Ed. Complete or 2nd year lo undali…. And 4th class to 10th varaku meeru Telangana lo chadivinatllayite DSC Ki apply chesukovachhu… But meerannatlluga DSE Ki apply cheyyalemu

  25. Sir paper 1 syllabus T/M vaariki Telugu lo ivvandi…
    Why because T/M students ki confusion ga undi please…
    Please syllabus Telugu lo ivvandi…

    1. Dear Naidu garu, I think you have to read the new syllabus, because in syllabus telugu and social topics covered and relating to telangana state i.e., telangana kavulu, bhasha,telangana struggle etc., by this we came to know that we have to read new syllabus

  26. Sir paper 1 syllabus Telugu lo ravatledu…please sir unit names Telugu lo download avvadaaniki ela chudaali…???
    Please reply ivvandi…

  27. namasthe sir nenu…………
    PG lo telugu…& TPT (LOUNGAGE PANDIT) chesanu sir…naku social lo 60 marks paper untundi…..ade social lo 60marks kante ave 60 marks telugu paper lo pettandi sir….plz change cheyandi

    1. Madam mee okkari koraku ala cheyyaleru…. Ala syllabus Enduku ante teacher ane vallu anni vishayalalo konchamayina pattu undadani ala syllabus undi…..

  28. Is official notification released. I’ve heard the and read the news in papers but till now I diin’t find official website for TET. If you know please let us know the official website where the information from Govt authorities is present.

  29. sir i’m sunny.i completed bed course.but two papers is failed.may i eligible r not to tstet.pls rply me.

  30. Sir,
    Am A.Divya from English medium I had no Telugu in my schooling as I had special English as my second language can I write Telugu as 1st language in tet

        1. Sahin baat bole toh aise gussa aata… Syllabus hona bole toh best option Wahi toh hai na jee…. Agar Aapko mere wajha se disturb Hua toh I’m extremely sorry…. Bye 🙋

    1. SIR,
      At the time of online submission i select 1st language as urdu but till 10th
      my 1st language is hindi.Is it ok or i need to change it.if i need to change it what would be the procedure please help me thank u.

  31. Sir ,paper 2 bioscience subject syllabus is not clear because ,social subject content have 60 marks but bioscience content have only 12 marks in tet syllabus .sir we have studied only bioscience not physics&maths subjects, how can you justify the bioscience students in tet examswe all troubling sir,please justify

  32. Sir na 1st to 10th study adiladad district and na marriage tharuvatha warangal district lo untunna na B.ed, pg,digree total warangal dist.. Na local aria edi. Pls cheppandi

    1. Hello Laxmi complete details of subject wise syllabus is to be announced still. Please be patience. Lets hope all details will be available within 2 days. Till then have a look at other topics available in https://tstet.co.in. We will soon update all the information as soon as possible.

    1. madam you can apply as BC-E. 1st aap BC-E cartificate nikaalo… uske liye loyer ki affidefi nikaal ke Mee Seva or Ee Seva me apply karo… kyun ke, TS government me Ye rule already declare kiya hai.

  33. Proper information is lacking in this website. And continous postponement of dates is creating confusion.
    Is tet going to be conducted sir?

    1. Hello Nisha we are continuously updating information based on announcements and press meets of our Educational Ministers and other officials. And we are continuously collecting information available in all the regular leading news papers. Its not us creating confusion. You can also check paper statements available in the posts. We wantedly not giving you information. We hope you will understand.

  34. Worst website, sylabus is not downloading when we are clicking and everytime showing please like us to help more. You once again proved how government websites will be and we should not expect more from them

  35. Hi Admin,
    When the detailed syllabus will be announce?. Can you please give me the link of detailed syllabus of each subject.

  36. సార్ నేను ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ లో డీ.ఎడ్ చేశాను అక్కడ డీ.ఎస్సీ రాసుకోవచ్చునా ? నాది తెలంగాణ.

  37. Dear sir,
    TS TET 2016 Paper I & II Syllabus Download PDF not downloading Latest Syllabus 2016 only 2014 old syllabus downloading pls reply me sir.

  38. Hello sir b ed lo first method sciaence second method telugu pg telugu second year lo chestunanu dsc lo telugu raasukovacha sir ..

  39. Hello sir,

    I would like to know whether the TET question paper would be in Telugu or in Englis,.. as I am an English medium student from first class and complete P.G (zoology) and B.Ed with English medium

  40. Sir iam very confused that which books i have to prepare means whether old syllabus or new.please clarify my dought.

  41. HELLO SIR,
    I Have Completed MSc B.ed..till intermediate I Studied in Telugu medium, and Degree,PG,B.ED courses with English medium.My Question is do I am eligible for MODEL SCHOOLS.Does this upcoming tet is enough for eligibilty.

  42. Sir old syllabus for tet means the syllabus for aptet 2013 is same,,? Means topics for maths and science.
    Replay sir……

    1. Hai Afreen you have to wait some more time to know preferred books for TS TET 2016. Actually official syllabus has to be announced yet.

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