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టెట్ ప్రిలిమినరీ కీ విడుదల సెప్టెంబర్ 15వ తేదీన నిర్వహించిన టెట్ పేపర్-1 & 2 పరీక్ష ప్రిలిమినరీ కీ 20 సెప్టెంబర్ న విడుదల చేసారు. సెప్టెంబర్‌ 27న ఫలితాలు.

TS TET 2017 Qualifying Marks | Score Validity | Weightage in DSC

TS TET 2017 Qualifying Marks: Telangana TET Paper 1 & Paper 2 qualifying marks for General, BCs, SC/ST/PWD candidates category wise cutoff marks, score validity, TET weightage in TS DSC etc are given below. Total TS TET marks are 150.

TS TET 2017 Qualifying Marks, Issue of Memos/Certificates

  • The percentage of qualifying marks for different categories are as shown below:
S.No Category Pass Marks
1 General 60% and above (Min 90 Marks)
2 BCs 50% and above (Min 70 Marks)
3 SC/ST/Differently abled 40% and above (Min 60 Marks)
  • The Director, SCERT and the member convener TET, Telangana State shall issue Memos/Pass certificates to the candidates.
  • Differently abled candidates with at least 40% of disability only shall be considered in respect of visually and orthopedically disabled. With regard to Hearing Impaired candidates, a minimum of 75% disability shall be considered under PH category.

TS TET 2017 Score Validity

The validity of certificates shall be for a period of 7 years from the date of TET concerned.

TS TE 2017 Applicability

The TS-TET shall apply to all schools referred to in clause (n) of Section 2 of the RTE Act. However, a school referred to in sub-clause (iv) of clause (n) of Section 2 of the RTE Act may exercise the option of considering either the TET conducted by the Central Government or the TS TET.

Weightage of TS TET scores ion the Teachers Recruitment of the State

  • 20% weightage to TET scores shall be provided in the Teacher Recruitment of the State Government. i.e., 20% weightage is for TET and 80% weightage for written test in Teacher Recruitment Test (TRT) based on which selection lists shall be prepared.
  • However, mere qualifying the TET would not confer a right on any person for recruitment/employment as it is only one of the eligibility criteria for appointment.

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  1. What about Ap candidates?
    I got 84 marks whether I am qualified or not?
    Please send information about non local qualifying marks!!
    No more days had left! So kindly reply…

  2. Sir bc-e ki tet lo qualify marks enni sir plz sir chepandi 70 chesaru antunaru nijamena sir plz reply me sir I got 73 marks 2 marks tho poindhi suside cheskoni chachi povali anipistundi sir

  3. So many students are suffering from TS TET 2017 Marks because they got 85 marks in ts tet initial key but now the same candidate got only 75 marks so where is theasy problem ? Now what is their situation ?

    1. Some students disappointed with TS TET 2017 results some mistakes in TETamil evaluation process. So many candidates are loss their marks. Where is theasy problem initial key / OMR scanning process ?

  4. Inni comments pettinaa kuda enduku response ivvadam ledu ?

    Follow up enduku ledu ?

    Enduku serious gaa drushti pettadam ledu ?

  5. Respected Education Minister garu ! I want to bring to your notice that TET (Teacher Eligibility Test) should not be seen on caste basis, because all those who are qualified in TET are not given Jobs (which are on caste basis) I mean to say don’t judge eligibility test with reservations. Now a days all private schools are asking for TET qualified certificate. In the certificate a OC person who got 89 marks is shown as NOT QUALIFIED, with this private schools are also not giving jobs,if given also very less pay. My humble request is that minimum passing marks for TET should be same for all castes. In DSC you can mention caste wise required TET marks. with this those who could not qualify in DSC will go for private schools with this eligibility certificate. Thank Q Sir !

  6. Namaskaram sir I requested to u sir plz bc sc st reservations ap students ki kuda available ayyela chudandi sir plz it’s my heartly request sir


  8. Why this qualifying marks are different ?
    Is there any exemption from tet for 10 years serviced candidates ?
    For every candidate qualifying marks must be same ie, 40% will be better.
    Even in the recruitment decide cutoff marks category wise then recruit the candidates.
    For general category there must be instead of 44 years relaxed uo to 50 years in recruitments.


    BUT YOU ARE GIVEN BCs 50% and above (Min 70 Marks)

    The percentage of qualifying marks for different categories are as shown below:
    S.No Category Pass Marks
    1 General 60% and above (Min 90 Marks)
    2 BCs 50% and above (Min 70 Marks)
    3 SC/ST/Differently abled 40% and above (Min 60 Marks)

  10. Could u upload marks wise percentage please……?
    I need to know that how many friends r in 100-110 score in tstet

  11. Sir I am a Rajeswari I living ap ap lo nenu tet qualified. Telangana lo did not write the tet exam but write the dsc exam yes or no so kindly information Plz let me know plz plz sir

  12. hai all oc tet candidate we all will go and ask cm sir that to give some relaxayion in the cut off markas

  13. age relaxation icharu kani paper2 chala tough how could we qualify so kindly think about it and reduce cut off marks

  14. Tet.Co.in flash news given for BC is 70 marks but in results showing 75 .what is this sir. Pls carify students. Don’t hurt them. U people r not cleared with qualifying marks just with 1 or 2 marks we r missing the opportunity for dsc. This is very bad sir. Pls consider it.

  15. anni caste la.ko equal ka treat cheyanddi…
    biosciences walo ko maths subject teyandi.
    n tet exam e remove cheyandi.direct dsc conduct chyundi…

  16. SC,ST peoples are getting 60 marks vallu merrit ayethe OC people are getting 89 marks they were not merrit ya edem nyam. Bio Students are struggle for maths they were studied in BIPC why was putting in maths in TET Exam this is tomuch. So many people are sucided for this reason.

  17. Please TS Tet Cutoff marks reduce 50% for every caste remove reservation system. OC ke chala anyam Jaruguthundi Alochinchandi

  18. OC’s ki qualifying marks 90 ante chala anyam. TET lo one mark tagina vari life spoil avtundi. Teaching proffession ante andarni equal ga chudam students ki nerpinchali alanti teacherne nu BC, OC,SC ani veru cheyadam I think its not correct.

  19. The qualified marks (Pass Marks) should be same for all categories
    other wise failed people will qualify and more marks achievers will not be qualified

    1. In may 2016 TET I was not qualified, but before 3 TET exams I was qualified,so please let me know that can I be eligible for DSC and also which tet marks I can take.

  20. Dear Sir,

    Why you people playing with our lifes,, unemployees like us are waiting for years to get a govt. job you people don’t have any clarity,Govt changes but ,you people mind won’t change???is this TET exam 2016 is really a valid one or just a joke of decade???KCR mind always thinks different’s, but no clarity of How to fill Govt Teacher posts.How many more filterations you do to fill thoose posts???

    Just be clear , so that we look for some other options instead of wasting our time looking for these all years…..

  21. Nenu prathi TET rasanu ippativaraku 4 raasaanu andulo marks 88,87, 80 vachchaayi eesaari summer lo exam pettaru ory wastu naa kodukullara memu chesina paapam emi vandhala samvatsaraala kindha sc, st lanu anagathokkarani maa oc vaallanu mottaanike lekunta chestunnaru ore bloodi fools maku 88, 87, 80 marks vachchaayi ante MERIT maaku unnatta sc, st laku unnatta siggu anipinchada meeku merit gurinchin maatlaaduthunte very shame on your part

    1. Nenu prathi TET rasanu ippativaraku 4 raasaanu andulo marks 88,87, 80 vachchaayi eesaari summer lo exam pettaru ory wastu naa kodukullara memu chesina paapam emi vandhala samvatsaraala kindha sc, st lanu anagathokkarani maa oc vaallanu mottaanike lekunta chestunnaru ore bloodi fools maku 88, 87, 80 marks vachchaayi ante MERIT maaku unnatta sc, st laku unnatta siggu anipinchada meeku merit gurinchin maatlaaduthunte very shame on your part

  22. A question for you. Who can teach better, a person with 60 marks or a person with 90 marks? If SC & ST s can teach better with 60 marks why, can’t OC s or BCs teach with 89 and 69.And still not qualified. Are we useless then them? Is it a sin to be born as OC?. SC s and ST s are getting jobs for the last 60 years then any other castes and still the govt. is not doing justice to the others.

    1. hello dhanraj,
      recent ga SINGARENI post fill chesyaru…GENCO post full chesyaru…CONSTABLE post full chesyru… andhulo ye category prakaram jobs echyaro chudu… andharu SC/ST vallake echyara leka reservation category prakaram, ,merit ni chusi echyara….kastha alochinchi comment cheyandi…

      1. Mr suresh this is not current situation but from past 60 years OC’s are being betrayed . Now let’s remove the reservations and do it merit based .do you agree for this .

  23. Sir we all are equal then why difference in qualifying marks atleast make 50 or 55 percent for oc

  24. Sir,
    When do we get the tet result as it was mentioned it would be on 31-may-16.
    Kindly release it immediately

    1. Please help me i am unable to check my Tstet result 2016. PLZ help me wer to check the results. will you plz send website wer to check the result.

  25. sir telangana aavirbava dinochava sandarbamga plss pratti cast vallaki 10% cuttoff thaginchandi. ma jeevithallo velugu nimpandii plss. reservation penchamani adagatam ledu kada sir tet lo qualifi avalani nana kastalu padamu sir. ma prabuthvam vachaka andariki nyayam chestarani asa padamu ma assa nirasa cheyakandi
    telangana oc bc biddalanu kuda bathikinchandi
    jai telangana

  26. sir plss kindly reduce cutt of marks for every section . reservation for sc and sts are better than bc and oc then atleast cuttoff marks should be reduced na. ls consider our request plssss many students requesting the same reduce the cuttoff percentage 40% for bcs 50% to oc. plssssss sir. many of us strugled a lot for tet it is our life plss kindly accept our request

    1. Please help me i am unable to check my Tstet result 2016. PLZ help me wer to check the results

  27. Injustice to bioscience students and OC people.. Why its just qualifying exam so please keep qualifying marks as 40% to all people regard less of caste.

    For bioscience its injustice keeping maths and physical science.

    Why to do B.ed in Bioscience?

    After results how many people suicide we dont know?

    Am asking govt to Please look over the above issues? and do justice to all aspirants of B.ed students.

  28. Andariki qualify marks thaginchandi sir please eppudu vaccination key Mundu Gunnar key Chaka difference gundi sir

  29. bhanoji garu local or nonlocal evarikina tet lo qualify marks okate but dsclo matram manaki(nonlocalki) thakkuva prority istharu…

    1. sir is there any chance that oc candidates can get atleast 5 or 10 marks relaxation regarding cutoff marks…..sir why lot of diffrence between st/sc/bc and being oc its something like a curse what we are feeling at present……atleast minimum courtesy must be there on us…..i got 87…..my bad luck to be born in oc……if everyone feels so..u can imagine where it may lead…..i request the authorities and specially our CM sir to consider our vowes…..hope to get a positive reply…tq

  30. Yes 1st of all the paper was taught in the mathematics session it was lot of theory questions was there.. the time was not sufficient to complete the paper even in the multiple choice more then one answer was right I mean so say confusion was their in answers so the education system has to make the changes in the cutoff marks for qualifying ts tet…. when we r telling that we all r equal then why this variation’s in the Govt.Exam? Why this difference in the Cast ?

  31. Sir,
    declare d result on 31 -may -16, we dont have any problem but release the final key as early as possible its really very stressing to wait for the final key.
    Kindly clarify the qualifying marks for BC-e (70 or 75)

  32. I wrote aptet in 2013 n tstet in 2016, so which one will be considered as I got good percentage in 2013 . To apply for dsc can I gv 2013 percentage

  33. Total injustice for OC . This type of injustice is seen here only. We are also humans like others. By this are you expecting that OC pschycology is far better than others, or they are all gifted children. or they are too intelligent .
    If parents earn there is no need for the children to earn. You should visit each and every house of OC and other castes.
    Now present OC who are writing these exams are backward.
    Do consider this point and do some justice. Judge everyone EQUALLY. This is Democratic Nation.

  34. sir o.c students r faceing difficulty due to this qualification critera. it is more difficult in geting 90 marks than 60 or 70 marks. u r telling that we will change education system but what is this going on? i range lo reservation untae adi merit toni job system ani ala avtundi? reservation unadli venakabada kulalaki, kani o.c valaki intha injustice undau. just for qualifiying ki kuda marks lo intha diffrence untae atla mari? u must have some concern for o.c students. maku kuda govt jobs ravali, reservations i range lo undi kabatae o.c people special ga students chala mandhi foregin ki velipotunaru. please sir u think about it

  35. sir o.c people r facing difficulties with ur qualification critera. o.c valaki idi anyayam, inka special ga papers tuff vachinapudu inka chala kastam avtundi 90 marks score cheyadanki. u please reduce the quallification marks of o.c people. if u continue like this specially o,c students will continue to migrate and study in other country’s. maku government job vastae future ki oka security untadi ani maku anipiyada? please sir u think about it{ about the problems of o.c faceing in geting government jobs} merit merit antunaru idaena mi merit system{ reservations i range lo untae dani merit antara?}

  36. tet lo o.c 60% annaru but tet science and maths 2 paper chala tuff vachindi already 4 sucide cheskunnaru so plese qualify marks 50% cheyagalru

  37. Sir,90marks for oc to get qualified in tet is very unjust,as everybody knows.so plz reduce the mark to atleast 80 .I beg u sir,thank u…

  38. Sir,90 as cut off mark for oc is very abnormal,plz kindly reduce it to atleast 80 sir,we beg u,bcoz our life depends on it,Thank u…

  39. 90 marks eligibility for OC is very abnormal. OC candidates are loosing a lot with this differentiation. Kindly make 75 marks as eligibility.

  40. Sir OC people suffering to get 90 marks kindly requesting to reduce the percentage for OC students

  41. OC cut off marks is really showing the indifference even in education system. please judge every one equally inspite of attaining freedom and seperate state.

  42. PHC Heyaring 75% petadam valana 74% lopu ounavalu loss avutunaru. Varu general studients tho ela poti padagalarani bavistunaru? Vidya samstala admission ki 40% ketainchi TS TET Entranc lo 75% ebo oudali ante ela sr? Kanisam 55% Or 65% Ki kudiste megata vidyarulu nastapokuda kapadagaligina varu avutaru Ex:- Sadarana vidyardulato 65% hiyaring loss ouna student poti padagalada?

  43. my 1st lang till 10th was telugu…but i have selected hindi…bcoz after 10th i never studied telugu…so i cant undrstand telugu….thatsy i have selected hindi…will it b a problem…plz plz let me know

  44. i am unable to upload tstet application, after filling all the details and uploading of photo i can’t see the next level and unable to submitted the application. How to submit the application.

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