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TET is Must for Pvt School Teachers from 2017-18 Latest Update

TET is Must for Pvt School Teachers from 2017-18 Latest Update: The Government of Telangana took the decision to make Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) mandatory for Private School Teachers. It is certainly to be implemented from the next academic year 2017-18. The state Government is taking this action as a part of the full implementation of the Education Act.

According to the survey conducted by the Educational Department total there are 11,000 schools in the state. There are large number of students in the Private Schools but there are no qualified teachers. Most of the teachers working in these schools has not been any teacher training. All the private school teachers are recruiting Candidates from B.Tech. They are just explaining lessons, get remembered & conducting test. These candidates dont know any teaching techniques, teaching methods, easy way of teaching and other necessary activities.

TET is Mandatory in Private Schools latest news

According to the Department of Education field survey in teaches who teach private elementary schools 36 percentage and in  high schools 48 per cent of teachers are only qualified in TET. Others don’t have any training or teaching skills.

To improve the education standards in all the private schools, the government passed orders to recruit only candidates who qualified in Teachers Eligibility Test (TET). From the next academic year i.e 2017-18 TET is mandatory to teach in all private schools. The whole process of recruiting teachers in private schools will be handled by District Educational Officer (DEO).

TET is Must for Pvt School Teachers

But private school managements are opposing this. They said that it is impossible because there is shortage of TET qualified teachers. There are no enough candidates who qualified in TET examination. Please write your opinion on this decission and share your feeling with others in below comment box.

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  1. We have qualified teachers B.Ed and D.Ed and TET passed in Government Schools and every one knows the quality of teaching in government schools and the pass percentage in Class X and Intermediate. What is the reason for such low quality education and result. Government Teachers should introspect themselves and realise that they are responsible for building of a strong society with good educational values.

  2. Central Govt should closed the private school so the difference between them closed.
    Secondly in 1/2 kilometer no any school be registered. School responsibility for carrying students from home to school and back. Every year testing of teachers then extension their tenure for maximum two years. Thirly their salary also be controlled.

  3. In Govt. schools and pvt schools govt is taking care to develop education quality, but in aided schools govt. is not taking care about the edn and no teacher of aided school is following any rule or regulation, In aided schools no educational officer is visiting, nobody is there to see how the aided teachers are working, Govt is giving the salaries to those teachers but not taking the work like govt. teachers, many teachers are dummy paying amount to the management and getting job. qualified teachers are skillful teachers yet jobless, Andhi nagri chuapat raj is going on in aided schools, aided schools became picnic spots, teachers coming to the school whenever they want and whenever they want to go thy are going, briging smart mobiles and they r busy in chattings or calls and just enjoying, coming to the school doing their breakfast lunch talking on the mobiles with their relatives, then teachers leaving classes and chit chatting with each other, so Iam requesting u people that please keep these words infront of govt. to take necessary action, and these schools are belongs to Mahabubnagar dist.

  4. Very good decision.. b.ed is enough to teach up to 10th. .. TET required only who are trying to join government sector. ..

  5. B.ed is compulsory for teaching field bcoz teachers will have practical teaching class and many subjects are there for guidance then now why TET?

  6. Thank you sir for taking such a good decision. By taking this decision you proved that you all are concerned about the education of children. This is the need of the day. Tet qualified teachers means they must be holding diploma or degree in teaching field which is necessary for a teacher. I completely support your decision.

  7. Thumb’s up for the decision that Telangana Govt is planning to increase the Literacy Rate along with that making it meaningful, too. But they should also consider the meagre earnings and other benefits of the teachers.
    In the run for children’s education I believe that Govt shouldn’t forget to initiate remodeling teachers state of affairs in this regards.

  8. Good decision by Telangana Government to Increase the standard of teaching. I have seen that many Pvt. schools are recruiting teachers who even does not have basic education, ie. 10th Pass, Inter Pass candidates are teaching in schools who does not have moral values, ethics, etc.

    If this is Implemented I think the standard of students and schools will increase definitely.

  9. Tet qualified teachers r there but they dont want to work in pvt sector becoz of low wages n huge work. Govt should do sumthing for the qualified teachers. Plz guys raise ur voice ..

  10. Whatever the facilities providing to the government school teachers the same facilities should be provide to the private school teachers. If the school management is fail to do so then the government should take the responsibility.
    What about DSC??? When the government is going to give jobs? What is the condition of government schools??

  11. Very good decision. Private schools are interested in earning money but not in standards.. To avoid such things tet compulsory..

  12. Very good decision. Private schools are interested in earning money but not in standards.. To avoid such things get is compulsory..

  13. Good decision.But simultaneously government must also concentrate on the salaries given by the private school management for qualified teachers.Most of the qualified and experienced teachers draw very less salary in many schools.If basic scale system with benefits are given then automatically the demand will be met.

  14. Good Decision, Should recruit only TET Qualified teachers will improve education quality in schools. As said no enough TET qualified teachers , decrease the cut off marks or conduct TET for every 3 months

  15. Tet qualified teachers are more and more is their. Good dicision from telangana govt. On next academic year. I hope The telangana govt is to be implement above same dicision..

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