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టెట్ ప్రిలిమినరీ కీ విడుదల సెప్టెంబర్ 15వ తేదీన నిర్వహించిన టెట్ పేపర్-1 & 2 పరీక్ష ప్రిలిమినరీ కీ 20 సెప్టెంబర్ న విడుదల చేసారు. సెప్టెంబర్‌ 27న ఫలితాలు.

TS DSC Cancelled – No DSC in Telangana Latest News

TS DSC Cancelled – No DSC in Telangana Latest News: The District Selection Committe (DSC) exam has been cancellend and Teachers Recruitment will be carried out Through TSPSC only from now.

Till now the system of recruitment of Teachers carried out by the state Government District Selection Committee (DSC). But now DSC has been cancelled and teachers will be recruited from TSPSC only. The school education commissioner, Special Principal Secretary R Ranjiv. Acharya issued decrees on 18th May, 2016 that recruitment of teachers will be done through TSPSC. The process of Director of school education under the direct recruitment method for all types of teacher posts in the government has been dropped.

The School Assistants (SA), Language Pandits (LP), Secondary Grade Teachers (SGT) and all other teachers posts will be recruited by TSPSC from now on wards. The model schools under the control of the director of the school of education Principals, graduate teachers, trained graduate teachers posts in the government also decided to appoint by TSPSC.

TS DSC Cancelled - No DSC in Telangana Latest News

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  1. sir,

    As all of us known that TET is only an eligibility test. so sir please consider tet as an eligibility test to attempt the TRT test, meanwhile don`t add tet weightage % in TRT score because as you know that during combined AP state the paper was very liberal & many of the students got > 140 considering these marks students who wrote TET in 2016 would be in last place. so my suggestion is that for the upcoming TRT if our TS GOVT removed the TET weightage % & considering it as only a eligibility test all the person would be equal n they will show their performance in the upcoming TRT

  2. When there was no use of TET then why it has been conducted……why are you changing the selection system…? Change the education system….. Provide the complete information and be responsible…..

  3. i have completed b.ed regular in 2014 with science and english subjects. and also completed m.a english in distance in 2014. both pass out year is same so am i eligible to write dsc for subject english

  4. telangana rakuna epatiki oka sari dsc rastundenemo..vachi em labham ledu…tet lo 110 vachina e govt unte anni west .kadiyam sir emo rojuki oka mata..kcr sir emo istam unatlu paiga banguru telangana anta unnodiki 43% pit ment kadhu lenodikosam techukuna telangana…govt scl lo pillalu leru antunaru .akkada sir lu lenappudu ela untaru..cheppandi vilaite dsc vesi appudu bangaru telangana anu sir

  5. Is there any chances of conducting TET before recruitment through Tspsc???
    Plzzz let me know the answer for above query???

  6. At least give clarity about Tspsc.dont play with the candidates..twaraga notification syllabus release chesthe v vl get tym to prepare.dont spoil futures of qualified students

  7. Hello…how many exams should write for single job ,please make sure a proper system that each and everyone can understand the government what actually wanted to do with unemployed people.

  8. Assail goverment student jivitalato adukuntundi okka job kosam enni exam lu pass avvali modality eppudunna teachers ki interview pedite kiddi mandi teacher lu matrame job lo vuntaru .dsc twaraga veyandi.

  9. Pelli chesuko Mani peddalu chepte DSC lo job vachenta varaku chesukonu annanu. DSC ledu anna news munde cheppunte, e patiki inter chadive babundevadu.

  10. sir dsc kyo nahi hai…..?ye tspsc me job k liye fir se kuch our qualified exam to nahi rakhengay na…….????working teachers ko aided schools me apoint kar liye to ……hum sab students ko kyo ye sab rols laga rahai hai aap sab….?tet qualifid rehna……fir ye tspsc ….ye sab kya hai sir?

  11. Sir, how many exams we will write for a single job. Graduation, Bed, tet, dsc…like. okasari tet undantaru, marosari only dsc, inkosari tspsc. Y don’t take a correct decision for students. Please don’t play with students minds n time

  12. Tspsc tho teachers vacancies start chesthe district lo unna posts district students vallake undali .. Jonal wise unte students chala varaku loss avutharu … Please think …government paina apanammakam kaluguthundi.students gandara kolam avuthunnaru..please clarify

  13. What is this Dspcs?
    if there is no Dsc than how thay select teachers for job, m completly confused.
    Plz tell me what z the furter process to get post.

  14. the govt has no mind prepared persons what can they do playing games of in employed people ts govt came but no use of youth

  15. Is there any use of conducting tet exam?Because of cancellation of dsc?plz give clear information abt tet wether it is there are not?


  17. Why r they doing like this? Can anyone plz tell me whether TET will be useful or not…? Plz give proper information about TET.

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